Let me tell ya what’s going to happen over the next week: CPC MPs & conservative Premiers are are going to try every way they can to blame Trudeau for skyrocketing COVID rates, especially in AB, MB, & SK. 1/ #cdnpoli #ableg
They will convince you to ignore that healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction, that the conservative premiers have completely failed to curb the spread, & they will blame Trudeau for lockdowns and for lack of lockdowns. Mark my words. #cdnpoli 2/
If Trudeau brings forward any kind of national mandate, Kenney will howl about Trudeau killing O&G by overreaching again blah blah blah. If Trudeau doesn’t, Bergen will howl Trudeau is letting Manitobans die.

It’s all a goddamn game to them. And we’re the pawns. 3/
We’ve reached the point where there are Premiers in this country who will literally do nothing while people die because that’s more politically advantageous than doing anything, & MPs who will use our deaths as “gotchas”.

You elected these monsters. You chose them. 4/ #cdnpoli
Maybe next time vote for someone better.

You know - if you live to do so 🤷‍♀️
PS: watch/listen for the usual media suspects - *coughSmithBellKayCorbellaStaplescough* to fill columns/airwaves with pseudoscience & quackery that supports the conservative Premiers while simultaneously blaming Trudeau. It’s gonna be a DELUGE of 🦇 💩 😜 #ableg #cdnpoli
Update to this thread.


They are playing games with our lives. Because to the CPC & conservative premiers, our lives aren’t worth anything more than political talking points, & they’ll literally let us die to own Trudeau. #cdnpoli #ableg https://twitter.com/gtlem/status/1329224784119533569
While you’re listening to Michelle’s bit of theatre, keep in mind she’s an Alberta MP, & Kenney has refused to do so much as even a mask mandate, the Health Minister is ignoring advice of the WHO in favour of a quack, & we have the worst COVID rates in Canada.

But Trudeau 🙄
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