Demand for #COVID19 vaccines will outstrip supply for a while. This will be the case in all countries, and could last for years, if not indefinitely so, globally. As such, I suggest everyone just forget about mandatory population-wide vaccination.
If there were vaccine oversupply once everyone who wants to get vaccinated got their shot, we can have a calm, respectful discussion about how to increase vaccine uptake by those who are reluctant. This should be easy, if, as predicted the #COVID vaccines are safe/effective.
One additional reason why this discussion might not be urgent is that the emergence of vaccine-escape #SARSCoV2 strains is far from unlikely. As such, many may wish to get reinoculated with redesigned vaccines before everyone willing to be vaccinated got their first shot.
Public health measures work best in a climate of trust, respect and cooperation. Planning coercive and/or punitive measures that are not even materially enforceable in the short term can only backfire by further undermining trust in health and political authorities.
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