stuff that gives me homosexual vibes done by kiribaku ✨a thread✨
1. first is the jacket thing, so basically it was said that bakugou had a festival jacket and deku assumed he gave it to a girl, but then it’s later said that kirishima is wearing a festival jacket for some strange reason
coincidence??? i think tf not plus knowing kiri that mf probably went shirtless and bakugou gave him his festival jacket cuz he seemed cold, this being a major thing for bakugou who we know probably wouldn’t have done something like this
bro i can’t find the picture but i have this ( it’s the text at the bottom), it says japan is known for being a romantic holiday, then in dekus analysis thingy it’s said that kiribaku went hiking for the holidays, something bakugou usually does alone. it also says he usually+
doesn’t go out for the holidays ( at least that’s what i remember it saying, but if you have the picture please send it ty)
there’s also the lint roller thing, i think kirishima borrowed bakugous lint roller and bakugou went to go get it only to end up fixing kirishimas whole room ( and personally i wouldn’t do that for a friend unless i’m constantly in that space)
also there’s the chicken noodle soup for the soul, ( this one is one of my favorites because it just feels like it makes the most sense) basically in a character analysis for kirishima in what i’m assuming is bnha smash it was said that kirishima is chicken noodle soup for baku-
-gous soul, chicken noodle soup is usually known as a remedy or something to sooth you and knowing bakugou and his temper having someone like kirishima around is most likely really beneficial to him and i love that
then there’s the kamino scene which is i think one of the moments where we realize kiribaku sees each other on equal footing in it being only kirishima being allowed to reach out to bakugou since they see each other as equals
also there was this scene ( which i honestly wonder what was the necessity of including) where they decide its time to go and kirishima attempts grabbing bakugous hand but bakugou slaps it away ( again what was the reason for this scene??? i’m not mad but come on)
there’s more i’m just lazy and tired now so ✨end of thread✨
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