My 8yo in the car today: "Do you want me to throw the confetti in my pocket?"
Me: "No not in the car! - why do you have confetti in your pocket?"
8yo: "It's my emergency confetti, I carry it everywhere in case there is good news."
Ordinarily, I would try to respond to everyone who commented on my tweet, but this one has gone viral. I'm so glad that my kid's positive outlook & silliness have brought a moment of happiness to so many. Thank you all for your great responses! ♥️🎊
A lot of people have said that they will be buying confetti & looking for opportunities to use it, which I love. If you do, please look for biodegradable confetti - or make your own by recycling paper at home. We don't need any more little bits of plastic in the world! ♥️🎊
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