[email protected]/StopAntisemites is not a Jewish civil rights organization. It is a front group for a far-right Jewish extremist named Adam Milstein who also funds Turning Point USA and Project Veritas. The group routinely attacks Jewish supporters of Palestinian rights as antisemitic.
Milstein's Israeli-American Council, which he co-founded with Trump megadonor Sheldon Adelson, hosted the conference where Trump called Jews "ruthless killers" who "don't want to pay high taxes." @/StopAntisemites attacked Jewish leaders who criticized his remarks.
Milstein was prevented from speaking at AIPAC in 2019 after saying that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib did not share "American values." The next year, he was a co-sponsor of the conference, which was one of the first major Covid superspreader events.
[email protected]/StopAntisemites is run by Liora Rez, a self-described "Instagram influencer" with no prior experience in the study of antisemitism nor the fighting of organized hate. Last year she coauthored a report along with other Milstein funded groups falsely linking BDS to neo-Nazism.
Milstein has also been financially connected to the Canary Mission, a group which doxes teenage college students for supporting Palestinian rights, exaggerating their views, and demanding they express support for Israel to have their post-college-career-damaging profiles removed
Milstein, a real estate developer who was convicted of tax fraud in 2009, was also caught trying to influence student body elections at UCLA by funneling illegal donations to pro-Israel student candidates.
He is effectively the Robert Mercer of the Jewish Right.
Milstein also funds ACT dot IL, the pro-Israel troll network that seeks to rig online polls and mass report social media content unflattering to Israel.
Anywho, you have our permission to ignore @/StopAntisemites and/or tell them to go fuck themselves.
One last thing: Simone Zimmerman, the young Jewish leader they have nominated for "Antisemite of the Year," was not fired from Bernie's 2016 campaign because of anything she said about Elie Wiesel (which is an outright lie on their part), but because she wrote "FUCK YOU, BIBI."
They should never have fired her, frankly. And if saying "Fuck you, Bibi" is an act of antisemitism, whatever you do, don't look in the streets outside his residence in Jerusalem right now.
Milstein is also, apparently, an election truther. https://twitter.com/yudel/status/1330722672452448256?s=20
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