if i'm understanding this correctly:
- there are also only two voices
- you can't be referred to as "they"

utterly bizarre for a AAA game literally named "cyberpunk". like at the very least, why not record all the lines at a super high bitrate and then offer some filters https://twitter.com/beakfriends/status/1330507339284291584
the current state of posthuman video gaming is that i can give myself a massive dong for possibly no gameplay reason whatsoever, but i cannot make myself sound like the vox from half-life 1 despite being a literal cyborg
postfurries envisioned themselves as fucking lava lamp foxes decades ago but in the year of our lord 2020 cis people are still stuck on "posthuman means you have a mohawk and can make your dick bigger"
ok this is even MORE baffling. some PM was like "make sure this is a gradient for maximal customization, but then infer a strictly binary choice from it"?? https://twitter.com/beakfriends/status/1330704821159137286
someone please explain to me why the box art for a ///cyberpunk/// game is the exact same dude from every fps cover but with a few lines drawn on top. this is like a minor anime henchman who's defeated in a single chapter and never seen again
when this guy is more cyberpunk than your box art, you have fucked up
furries in vr chat: a housecat, a hyena, a fluffy dragon, bonkers, a pink inflatable kangaroo i think, one of those cute artificial dragons whose entire face is a screen

CYBERPUNK: what if you could shave the side of your head and put a gun in your arm https://twitter.com/thecoopertom/status/1325710953305026560
if your game doesn't have tails, only has two genders, and only runs on closed corporate platforms, it's not cyberpunk. sorry i dont make the rules
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