10am 18.11.20 I posted tweets with #MurdochsPetitionPanic

1.11pm Murdochs @couriermail editor @DamTom79 posted 3 attacking my character

2.59pm Murdochs @RitaPanahi posted 3

5.38pm I received the first of 39 txt msgs w @twitter pw reset codes

My last pw reset was 27.05.20

At 1.11 pm on 18.11.20 Murdoch's @couriermail editor @DamTom79 sent a tweet suggesting that I was a professional tweeter (paid by someone) and that I had

"deployed a bot swarm to defend @MrKRudd"

Both of these claims are false and have damaged my reputation & character.

At 1.26pm on 18.11.20 Murdoch's @couriermail editor @DamTom79 tagged me in a tweet suggesting I had manipulated a twitter trend & that #MurdochsPetitionPanic hashtag was "manipulated and can't be trusted".

This is also a false claim & has damaged my reputation & character.

At 1.38pm on 18.11.20 Murdoch's @couriermail editor @DamTom79 tagged me in a tweet again saying:

"The should be good. Go your hardest @DanielBleakley"

This has also damaged my reputation and character.

At 2.59pm on 18.11.20 Murdoch's @theheraldsun columnist and Murdoch's @SkyNewsAust host @RitaPanahi posted a screenshot of my twitter profile saying:

"Doesn't even have pronouns in bio. Smdh"

Rita has 246 000 followers.

This has also damaged my reputation and character.

At 3.54pm on 18.11.20 Murdochs @theheraldsun columnist & Murdochs @SkyNewsAust host @RitaPanahi tweeted:

"Not sure if this is parody or genuine batshit paranoid craziness but either way it's hilarious"

Rita has 246 000 followers

This has damaged my reputation & character

At 4.21pm 18.11.20 Murdochs @theheraldsun columnist & @SkyNewsAust host @RitaPanahi posts a gif of "Ralph" from the Simpsons with a flute in his nose & said:

"Tapped into a really broken & nutty corner of twitter"

Rita has 246k followers

Damaging my reputation & character

In the time it has taken me to write this thread I have received another 3 text messages with @twitter account password reset attempts that I did not request.

I've now received 42 sms text msg requests for Twitter account pw resets since I was first attacked last week.

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