Individuals are, ultimately, the generators of all wealth. Yes, society has structures, systems, that drive us, but it is from the collective action of individual spirits, living beings, that every system is invented, instituted and upheld.
Since we are, ultimately, in the driving seat, it follows that all flows of wealth are, ultimately, controlled by us. There are only individuals here. Society is more of an abstraction than the individual, even if the individual can't know that perfectly.
What this means is that all systems are *animated,* materially, "economically," by individuals. Or as the Marxists say, the world is produced by "workers" (doers -- all of us), so it belongs to them -- it is theirs not only by abstract "right" but by power: they control it.
The state is upheld by the individual's contribution. That contribution can be the result of propaganda, coercion, fear, etc. but it is still a contribution. One individual cannot go against a system, but many individuals together, as a collective, can.
Collectives arise from individuals deciding to recognize themselves within a collective. And once they do, their individual, concrete "economic", "work" power is directed (consciously -- anarchism -- or unconsciously -- e.g. statism) to that collective.
If we adopt a spiritual view of human affairs, we can see that individuals adopt entire ecosystems of collective definitions, all overlapping, intersecting and conflicting with each other. Nationalism, region, neighborhood, family, work, friends, church, food bank, ...
What happens then is that there is a scheduling or a splitting of each individual's economic output across the multiple collective definitions. E.g. a chattel slave has all (100%) of their output -- including their bodily presence, their dignity -- cruelly captured by a tyrant.
A wage slave has most of their creative output and bodily capacity for mechanical function captured by a softer version of the tyranny, called a "wage slavery," which returns a small fraction of their economic output (e.g. ~1%) as a debt-based monetary construct.
But even with ~99% of people's economic output captured by a "bourgeois" class (the hierarchy/oligarchy), with the ~1% left as "wages" (which is greater than 0%) people are capable of helping each other out, fundraising for each other and building beautiful things.
With these "wages" of ours, we can do incredible things already. For example, we pay 25% ~ 50% of it as taxes to a government that does some stuff, besides propagandizing us and waging war on us and our brothers. It does some stuff like sewers.
So the point of this thread is that the individual, although propagandized and with a "social-class-wide" coordination problem for rebellion, is still imbued with a scheduling of their economic power, like: 99% goes to oppressors 0.25%
~ 0.5% taxes, 0.01% church, etc.
And so the origin of both the legitimacy and the *economic animation*, the concreteness, the efficacy of ALL institutions, stems from the economic power that individuals place on them. WE pay ALL institutions. They are OURS.
And thus, the question of "changing the system" is a MISLEADING QUESTION. We change the system with our actions! They begin with individuals, and they spread as new ideas of collective action.

Of course, the bourgeois have 99% of all the economic power because they brainwashed and culturally-codified this social system of control, and the government gets 0.25% ~ 0.50%, and our local food bank gets 0.00001%, but STILL, it is THERE. It IS a legitimate institution!
"Money" or "legality" are diversions. The originating force is our individual human energy. Where we move our bodies towards, the ideas we speak and think, THAT is the institutional outline and roster of our entire globe!
That is the roster of ALL valid institutions which are valid because they are animated by us, the people, in concrete and direct ways, flowing directly from our bodily reality, without any intermediary constructs like The State, or Science, or any idea of what is a Real Business.
That list of institutions, which you modify every day, whenever you start doing literally anything with your energy, is weighted by the amount of energy that individuals, as a whole, have deposited on it at any given time.
Thinking about "changing the system" displaces and obscures the legitimacy of the immediacy of our creative actions.

When I create a cryptocurrency, it IS as REAL as every other "fiat" currency. As @MVBrancaglione taught me, what makes it real is the *capital* dedicated to it.
That "capital" is the weighted amount of real human energy and effort, either muscular or symbolic or chronologic or affective or whatever else that real humans have really injected in the collective social construct -- thus "instituting" it, animating it.
You ARE the system. Yes, you have forces that compel you to institute things at certain rates. The cruel incentives to continue giving 99% of your life to the oppressive oligarchy are there and they are real. But ultimately it is you being forced *to animate it*. YOU animate it.
And so we reach the point that I wanted to reach. A healthy society is made of healthy individuals, and healthy individuals are one which are able to have a rich scheduling of their personal energy, thus creating a rich, institutionally diverse, "decentralized" society.
That is thousands of years old wisdom: humans donate a % of their energy to a parish (basically the ancient welfare state), a % of their energy to a tax system for state/war and shit, a % of their energy to local fundraisers, a % to friends, % to family, % neighbors, etc.
THAT is anarchism! Anarchism is institutional diversity by a diversity of economic animation of non-oppressive, healthy institutional ideas.
Just like a physical body, this scheduling is not an idea, but a real thing, and it is driven by needs of real things that exist in a real, entropic and imperfect universe and thus society.
The moment you donate whatever little you have after Jeff Bezos stole 99% of your economic output and gave you a 1% bribe in their friend's debt-cash system, to a food bank, or use the tiny remainder of your energy to rescue and care for an abandoned dog, you changed the system.
You are LITERALLY changing the system by doing that.

In fact, there is little else you can do.

First, you do it, which you do because you love. You can't help yourself.

But second, you must UNDERSTAND that by doing so you have WON.
The second part is CRUCIAL because it is the knowing that you have won, that you have arrived. It returns to us what has been stolen from us that is most precious: our spiritual consciousness of our own effectiveness!
The idea that "changing the world" is something foreign instead of the literal description of what you do every day when you wake up and you are the generous person that you are, doing their best, is the most INSIDIOUS part of the ideology that upholds these fuckers in power.
Because to heal this sick scheduling of institutional creation and recreation where 99% of our output is captured by a tiny class of fuckers, ALL we need is the TRANQUILITY to hold steady doing what we are already doing WITHOUT DESPAIRING!
Because if you are HAPPY being a person that is doing their absolute best and pushing institutional healing away from the sickness, the sickness will NOT be happy. It NEEDS you to be miserable, to look miserable to others!

So, do what you are doing, and yes, it is tiresome to stretch that 1% that is returned to us after the wage slavery system took 99% from us. But if you take out the psychological suffering of not even knowing that you have won and that you are doing everything right!....
Once a large number of people start doing that (and it is not as large as you think it has to be), then it starts to compound, and you'll see the scheduling be pushed back: 98%, 97%, 96% to the fuckers.... and 2%, 3%, 4% to people.
As that happens, the urgency of war starts to recede, and the amount of money we give away to the war oligarchs also starts to drop, in a virtuous cycle.

Because the oligarchy exists for a reason -- WE are animating it. For complex reasons -- we are one social organism doing it!
"Money" here as a stand-in for our original energy -- remembering that it is symbolically, sociologically, psychologically and finally, mechanically and chronologically captured almost in its entirety by the ruling oligarchic systems, and 1% is returned as actual "money" to us.
See this. Your simple day where you do your best to be generous IS the change of the system, because the system is a collective dance, and if you can dance yourself to the right tune, and be conscious that you are dancing the right dance, then you are doing your part!
And you are not merely doing your part to "change the system in the future." What you are doing IS the system of the future. It is a first-class citizen of it, it is an actual shard of the actual artifact.
Can I be more clear than this? This is a blindingly beautiful vision. I am trying to share it but I'm not sure I can convey it.
Can you see it, @ceisenstein ?
Everything we do changes the world by definition, because everything we do IS the world!
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