I don’t get why Trump cut Sidney Powell loose.

How is she any less warped or tragic than any other of their cases or attorneys in PA?

Nearly 3 weeks after the election, my dude in Forty Fort + his dead mom still represents *50%* of the total voter fraud in PA out of 7M votes.
I legitimately have as much proof Joe Biden won Texas as the President has he won Pennsylvania.
Let me be clear, if you take away all of the voter fraud in Pennsylvania that involved illegally voting for Trump, you do not have one single, documented case of voter fraud in Pennsylvania.
I spent all weekend triple checking that there is *not* a lost, enchanted village in Pennsylvania with 90,000 Trump voters that we forgot to count.
The GOP lawsuits are so dopey that if PA doesn’t certify the vote, after November 30th, we literally don’t have a PA House + 1/2 of the Senate, both of which are controlled by Republicans.

And they accuse me of smoking too much weed.
The Steelers are 10-0 and I’m still waiting on a boatload of Sheetz gift cards.
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