The Trump you are seeing now is exactly the same Trump he has been for his entire presidency. I'm glad many are realizing that he is a toxin to our democracy now, but if you didn't realize this earlier, consider reflecting on how you could have missed all the warning signs.
Trump encouraged his supporters to beat people up at his rallies. He hired a string of criminals and incompetents, some of whom ended up disgraced, others in jail. He lied with reckless abandon about obvious things. He never served the country, he served himself. From the start.
The problem for the Trump campaign is not that it has an unhinged lawyer. It's that it has an unhinged candidate.
There is a Jewish concept of "sof ma'aseh b'mahshava tekhila" - the end of something is evident at the start of it. The nature of Trump's presidency was apparent from the outset. It was baked in from the beginning, spelled out for those who wanted to see.
For those curious: "Sof ma'aseh b'mahshava tekhila" - literally, "the end action was first in thought." In Friday night Shabbat prayers, this is used to describe the Sabbath -- the last day after God's six days of creation, but first in God's thought.
Actually, I screwed it up, but it should be 'ḥ' for both (ח), and 'kh' (כ) for neither. So, "sof ma'aseh b'maḥshava teḥila." Yes, I am lazy and normally do not include diacritics in my tweet transliterations.
All six of us!
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