Be on the watch for the two fisted slam that happens in GA courts tomorrow. Dominion cannon is loaded & will blow up in Judge Brann's court, as well as the newest findings of thousands early & absentee votes cast by voters whose registered addresses are actually POB's disguised
What do I mean. Thousands of ballots listed as PO Boxes but they insert a "Suite" "Apt," "Unit," to give the appearance of a physical address as required by law.

Also rental boxes at UPS, & FedEx locations, and even private mailbox stores disguising the box numbers same way
This is the reason the Governor has reversed his prior position and is calling for an audit. There are records to be introduced into court record showing mass block rentals of PO Boxes and Private commercial Boxes.
The UPS Store (13 locations)
Mail Center Etc (10 locations)
Mailboxes Unlimited (9 locations)
Hanmipost (7 locations)
MCS Executive Suites & Business Center
Mailbox Centers LLC
XPO Logistics

They've maxed out their inventory in the last 90 days.
GA Code TITLE 21 Elections Chapter 2 Elections Article 15 Miscellaneous Offenses § 21-2-561 - False registration is a felony, upon conviction, shall be sentenced to prison for not less than 1 & no more than 10 years &/or a fine not to exceed $100K,000.00, or both.
This was systematic and organized. It's not individuals doing this. Stacey Abrams better be lawyered up, because the financials point directly to Fair Fight PAC and Act Blue.
Do not conflate mailing address with physical address. By Law the voter registration must include a physical address, and these rented PO Boxes were disguised as the residential addresses, not mailing addresses, on the voter registration applications.
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