"Ayurveda is a belief system" this shows you have 0 knowledge about Ayurveda

Ayurveda talks about

1. Proper diet
2. Proper lifestyle
3. Proper posture
4. Covers mental as well as physical aspects
5. Not only talks about Cure of diseases but also to prevention https://twitter.com/raghurajs_hegde/status/1330393035159572484
Ayurvedic texts talk about making medicine, their effect on body, effect of different types of food on body, food according to seasons.
Even surgery comes under it.

Actually Ayurveda is complete

Science could not even find cure of common cold
Himself admitted that he did not study any Ayurvedic text, speaking without knowledge https://twitter.com/raghurajs_hegde/status/1330556401303732224?s=19
Ayurveda says -

निद्रा तु सेविता काले धातुसाम्यमतन्द्रिताम्।
पुष्टिं वर्णं बलोत्साहं वह्रिदीप्तिं करोति हि ।।

A person who sleeps at proper time at night, remains active and energetic throughout the day.

According to doctor saheb this is just a belief and not science
नरो हिताहार विहार सेवी, समीक्ष्यकारी विषयेष्वशक्त।दाता समःसत्यपराक्षमावान् आप्तोप सेवी च भवत्य रोगः

Eating good diet, proper exercise etx keeps diseases away, but doctor saheb thinks it is not science and just a belief
Aasanas which have been proved to have health benifits are just a belief?
No Sane person can deny this, they make fun of Ayurveda because if people remain healthy their business will suffer losses.

Medical field is one of the highest money making fields in world right now, people spend trillions of dollars all over the words for getting treatment
Adopt Ayurvedic lifestyle and save money.
In the end I would like to tell you that I have met Sanyasis aged around 100 years, perfectly healthy.

One Swamiji aged 96 climbed stairs upto 3rd floor right in front of me, he was himself an Ayurvedic Vaidya.

I never saw even a 65 year old allopathic doctor in this condition
Being around such people I have seen effects of Ayurveda and it is pure science, those who say otherwise lack proper knowledge
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