I am simply amazed at how many smart people and smartly-run companies who do not understand that we now live in the age of The Nuclear News Cycle. Everyone seems to think it’s still 1990. Or even 2000. Things have changed. 1/
The Nuclear News Cycle: Because of social media/email, you can feel the heat of an angry group of people more than ever before. Think of how easy it is to communicate with a corporation today. Twitter/Facebook/etc.. Now think of how easy it is to get 100 people to join you. 2/
I could get 1000 people to Twitter @ a major corporation with one tweet. That’s the world we live in now. Now think how difficult it would be to contact someone (or some company) back in 1990. What are you gonna do? Find their 1-800 number? Maybe. Maybe their address. 3/
So when you get in trouble, whether you did something wrong or it’s an invented scandal, it burns HOT. Really, really hot. You feel like the whole world is coming down on you. Even friends and family are sending you things they’re saying about you on Reddit or something. 4/
That’s the bad part. But the good part is just like a nuclear bomb, the heat is gone in an instant. You really don’t have to say anything. And you REALLY don’t have to apologize. Just....shut up. Just shut up. 5/
Without question, the public will find a new squirrel to chase in 24-48 hours. Just withstand the initial heat, and it shall pass.

People who understand this will have a much easier time than those who don’t. Sadly, 99% of this country still doesn’t get it. That’s all.
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