While the housing movement is strong & powerful & relentless in the protection of our communities, we can’t protect everyone facing eviction in upstate and now NYC through our eviction defense efforts. We need a systemic solution. 1/
. @CarlHeastie and @AndreaSCousins MUST go back into session immediately to pass #evictionmoratorium, and then secure funding to #CancelRent, so all tenants and small landlords get relief during this crisis, but we don’t put $ in the pockets of ultra rich corporate developers 2/
We know that it’s our Black and brown communities that are facing the impact of eviction, and are at risk of losing small properties that have allowed some acquisition of generational wealth. We must for once prioritize resources here, not towards white, wealthy populations. 3/
We know vouchers don’t keep tenants housed, as they omit huge populations via the application hurdles (see May’s program). And we know that the voucher money goes first towards landlords who least or don’t need it. 4/
If we can forgive trillions of dollars in Wall Street debt, why can’t we forgive rent in arrears because of the financial impacts of a pandemic? Why is assistance to those without resources viewed as distasteful, but assistance to the ultra rich seen as money well spent? 5/
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