Today we're taking part in #NationalHousingDay: Toronto Day of Action. We are calling on allies to sign our #COVID19 Response to demand housing justice for Jane-Finch residents and all low-income residents of TO!
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@janefinchhousing1 Jane-Finch also has one of the highest eviction rates in Toronto. These rates run parallel with increasing property speculation, in conjunction with recent developments like the Finch West LRT.
The Government of Canada:

1. Instate a federal moratorium on mortgage foreclosures. This moratorium will protect homeowners and tenants during this pandemic and after it has passed.
2. Provide emergency funds to municipalities to support housing resources, such as rent banks, for those who fall through the cracks of federal systems.
3. Apply the federal government’s ‘human-rights based approach’ to housing, in line with the National Housing Strategy, to respond to immediate housing needs during the crisis and any federal housing recovery plans proposed after the pandemic.
The Province of Ontario:

1. Reinstate the eviction moratorium, and ensure it is being diligently regulated - this includes developing an eviction prevention plan
2. Ensure the Landlord and Tenant Board deny future eviction applications for non-payment or persistent late payment of rent
3. Ensure the rent increase freeze for 2021 is properly enforced, and that landlords are not exploiting the AGI exception to displace tenants. Provide wide communications to notify renters of the rent increase freeze.
4. Apply rent control and vacancy control to all privately-owned buildings and rental units, regardless of the year they were built or turned into rental properties (this includes new purpose-built rental developments and units).
5. Freeze rent during the COVID-19 crisis for renters on ODSP and OW, living in subsidized housing, who have experienced loss of income due to COVID-19, illness or caring for others who are ill, and/or caring for children.
6. Protect workers in this time of uncertainty by ordering employers to provide paid emergency leave days and increasing the access to Employment Insurance.
7. Rescind Bill 184 which works in favour of landlords, not tenants.
8. Prohibit AGI's during the pandemic.
The City of Toronto:

1. Stop any evictions from Toronto Community Housing and wherever possible, delay City-ordered building closures on the basis of fire safety.
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