Exceedingly horrific war crimes committed by Azerbaijani soldiers going around on Telegram the last few days, and even worse today. Beheadings, mutilations, torture and execution of prisoners. The latest video I've seen just about made me sick.
I follow a lot of both Armenian and Azerbaijani channels on Telegram, as well as Russian ones on Karabakh, and feel confident I see the majority of videos that come out. There is absolutely no comparison with both the scale and savagery of Azerbaijani war crimes vs Armenian.
The latest video today is Azerbaijani soldiers beheading an Armenian captive while he is still alive. It's reminiscent of ISIS videos - a comparison I do not make lightly. There are no words.
The video is on the channel Карабах|Война|Новости, for confirmation's sake, but I do not suggest you watch it.
Relevant human rights organizations have been made aware and have catalogued the videos.
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