Do you get more excited that a lawyer said a Q phrase on TV, or that these times are actually, in fact, biblical?

If your excitement is more about the notoriety of Q than the current fulfillment of bible prophecy, your priorities are out of order.
Very interesting choice of language here
Dominion-ist is a biblical term
Any questions?

In the animal kingdom, the hierarchy is established by predation.

Cannibals are predators of human beings. As such, by logical extension, they consider themselves to be superior to human beings and therefore justified in exercising DOMINION over the entire human population.
"Branding" is highly important in that world. Nothing is a coincidence.
They are cheating so blatantly because they want to flaunt it and get away with it to prove even further just how much dominion they have over us. Get it?
They don't hide it. It's a challenge for us to rise to or fail to meet.
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