Just saying, if it wasn't for my friends who regularly experience nonverbal episodes, I would have completely thought I was loosing all that was left of my mind when my episodes started up.

Sometimes brains can't word,
That's okay. You're still great.
Also, for clarity, when *I* say nonverbal I'm specifically speaking to my experiences where anything that is not picture based stops making sense...oddly enough I also stuggle to read into anything that isn't blatantly obvious during these episodes 🤔 idk if that's "usual".
Although folk can identify their experiences however they see fit.
Adding, yes I differentiate my nonspeaking & nonverbal episodes.

Nonspeaking, I can still mostly communicate.
Nonverbal, things get a bit more difficult.

There are a lot of great convos going on right now about how nonspeaking isn't binary, & many auts experience it in some way
honestly, I'm more likely to be minimally speaking under stress.

AAC is great tech to look into, that you are allowed to make your own, rather than forcing yourself to speak when you can't

And, just in general asking for modified communication modes when ability to speak is low
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