I think I get it now. I think I understand why people are so mad at Biden. I mean I don't agree, but I get it.

Biden is trying to restore faith in a system based on a set of rules, and a lot of loud people aren't having it. Thing is, that anger is ultimately self-defeating. /1
No human system works without some degree of faith in it. If you don't work within some set of rules, then the alternative is ever-escalating violence until one side submits.

A great many people believe in that system to some degree (look at how many people voted). /2
Me, I'm looking at the people who turned out to vote very carefully, especially in GA, Philly, Detroit, and Phoenix. Some of the people who you would think have the *least* reason to believe in the system came out and voted anyway. /3
I believe that many of them feel that a system they can work to change is better than rule by force, and morally better as well.

Or that could be just me projecting. Anyone who wants to correct me, feel free. /4
If you think that the U.S. right now IS rule by force, then wow. Yes, there is horror, and authoritarianism, and injustice, but even though it's blasted all over TV, and Trump is making things horrible, PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE TO HERE. Think about that. /5
Because if we don't lend enough of our support and belief to this system, even if what we're doing is trying to change and improve it, it will fail. The Constitution is not a magic document. It's just like money, in that it only has the power and value we give it. /6
So no, I'm not mad at Biden for relying on the system. It's our votes and (more importantly) our belief in the system that will give him power on January 20th.

Your participation is what keeps this place from turning into a country people are fleeing to, more than from. /fin
P.S. Yes, I deleted the last tweet and re-worded it a touch. I'm tired.
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