A couple of days back, I visited a barber here in Shantiniketan. It was a small village set up. There was only one guy sitting there, I guessed the barber. I sat down on the chair waiting for him to approach me. He did not. I turned around to see what was the matter after a while
He was glued to some entertainment on his phone.

As I was staring at him in disbelief, he said "ek minute".


Consider that we all are doing this. Consuming hours of entertainment a day whereas we do not find even an hour to chase our dreams.
If your addiction to entertainment tops your hunger for success, it is game over.

Entertainment addiction is a real thing. If you are getting your dopamine fix from entertainment, you will not feel the urge to get up and do things that make your life better.
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Video games, fiction, Netflix, news, twitter all of these can create entertainment addiction.

Recognize your addictions before they take over your life.
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