Robert Haviland, the poet who fought to #FreeBritney before anyone knew and until his very last breath - a thread
A man named Robert Haviland ran an account on Twitter called @LambysPoet, where he posted a poem nearly every day for Britney Spears. #FreeBritney
While sometimes creepy and a bit senile, many of these poems are directly mention freeing Britney from her conservatorship and are harrowing in lite of the #FreeBritney movement.
Robert would write poems about all the court hearings. #FreeBritney
He would dream of the day that Britney’s conservatorship would end and she would be free. #FreeBritney
Many of Robert’s poems would try to simply explain what a conservatorship is and how Britney’s civil rights were being violated. #FreeBritney
In summer of 2015, Robert actually published a collection of his poems from the month of July. We have no idea why he chose to publish these poems in particular, but it was indeed an interesting moment in time to capture. #FreeBritney
The book includes a poem called “Breadwinner is Britney” #FreeBritney
And one of the more memorable poems entitled “Robbing Britney Blind” #FreeBritney
Another poem entitled “Her Spirit Walks Beside Us” is a tribute to Britney’s aunt Sandra. #FreeBritney
Overall, the book is a collection of porma leading up to a 2015 court hearing that is coming up in Britney’s conservatorship case. #FreeBritney
Robert believed, as he titled this poem, “Things Are Going To Change” #FreeBritney
On the day of the hearing, Robert wrote “Conservatorship Will End” #FreeBritney
But as all hearings in Britney’s case go, the next poem is called “Conservatorship Continues” #FreeBritney
The final poem in Robert’s book is this one: “To Make Matters Worse”
Robert’s poems about the conservatorship would continue throughout 2016 and 2017. #FreeBritney
Two of my favorite poems are called “Conservatorship Breaker” and “Slave in a Free Country” #FreeBritney
Robert began tweeting around Christmas in 2017 that he was starting to feeling ill. He passed away on February 8, 2018. #FreeBritney
But on a happy note, Robert was able to see Britney perform one more time on New Years Eve. The final tweet by @LambysPoet was posted the next day. #FreeBritney
Robert Haviland is an American hero. He was fighting to #FreeBritney before anyone even knew it was a thing and he kept up the faith until his very last breath. We wish he was alive to see how far we have come, but he must be watching from above. Thank you, Robert!
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