It is important to understand that West Bengal is not just another state. It is the result of PARTITION OF PAKISTAN by snatching the Hindu-majority part of Muslim-majority erstwhile Bengal Presidency and attaching it to India. It is thus the HOMELAND FOR BENGALI HINDUS. This is
the BENGALI HINDU state of INDIA,and we shall never permit this TO BE COMPROMISED. Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee deserves our unending gratitude for this,because it is for him that we Bengali Hindus can hold our heads high as citizens of INDIA,not Pakistan or Bangladesh. Bengali
Muslims who are Indian citizens and other citizens of India are welcome to share OUR state with us,but NOT illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators,Rohingiyas or any other garbage.
But at the end of the day West Bengal is and will remain Bengali Hindus’ state in India.
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