I've only started Episode 7 "The Marvel Method" of Marvel's 616 documentary series, and this episode highlights a broken aspect of the comic book industry.

Everyone over at Marvel breaking their backs to accommodate one white mediocre writer who fails to meet deadlines.
Why Marvel thought this documentary in particular would be something to show off to the world is beyond me.

Honestly, there are far better writers in Marvel's lineup that could've made them look great, but they chose the incompetence of Slott.
Also, it's worth noting that the intro of the episode is Slott attempting to write a comic and then getting distracted by a tweet notification.

The same Slott who is notorious for getting into twitter fights, blocking people, and talking shit.

The man is so incompetent that they needed to bring in another writer to pick up the slack so that they could meet the deadlines Slott was missing.

Marvel made a documentary about how bad one of their writers is. You can't make this shit up!
This documentary is wild.
According to the doc, the "Marvel Method" of putting half the story on the artist and not working full script slows things down tremendously and makes meeting deadlines almost impossible.

So why the hell are they allowing Slott to continue this? Why are they indulging him?
The documentary actually focused on the letterers and how they have it the worst. They even edited it in a comedic way with comedic timing beats and music.
How is this real?!
My respect for comic book letterers is through the roof now. They really are the backbone of the comic book world that gets the shit end of the stick.

This is insanity. Why do they let this go on?
My god. The documentary actually ends with Slott and Brevoort, the editor, joking about how all of that insanity only amounted to 1 single issue and now they need to repeat it for 5 more.
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