@ClarkeMicah asks an important question! The #torture & #rendition of #JulianAssange present an existential threat to #whistleblowing #PressFreedom & #Democracy. Journalists MUST protest.
In random order👇🏾 thread on journalists / articles who do dare to speak up #FreeAssange https://twitter.com/ClarkeMicah/status/1330254913616670724
@jlpassarelli's 2020 documentary about the case, which has now been shortlisted for various awards

28 Feb 2012

Now a blast from the past : @wikileaks revolutionised journalism in so many ways. This is a good example of the power of going to the unfiltered primary source :

How intelligence firm Stratfor planned to destroy Assange: https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/10/1056763_re-discussion-assange-arrested-.html
03 July 2020
Rod Driver's simple primer on Wikileaks & Julian's case https://zcomm.org/znetarticle/the-incredible-stitch-up-of-julian-assange/
10 Nov 2017
@SMaurizi 's groundbreaking FOIA requests and work shedding light on how the CPS conspired with others to deny justice

Link to FOIA's here including the memorable "Don't you dare get cold feet" http://download.repubblica.it/pdf/2017/esteri/doc-mail.pdf

Lockdown 2020
Neat video by @jmcevoy_2 that captures the mood of the Sep hearing



I’ll be adding to this thread today. So please DM me any you think should be included
Next up & hot off the press 🔥 on this thread bringing together key journalistic pieces on #JulianAssange 's torture: An educative session with the very knowledgeable & concise @unjoe + respected experts @DanielEllsberg @marjoriecohn

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