To my Jewish brothers & sisters in #Georgia. There is heinous misinformation being peddled by a desperate #KellyLoeffler in the Senate race. She is smearing Reverend #Warnock as being anti Israel and antisemitic.

#ReverendWarnock is a fervent ally to Jews everywhere and is unequivocally pro-Israel. #JonOssoff, who is running to unseat openly anti Semitic #DavidPerdue, is Jewish &close friends with the Reverend.

Interestingly, his opponent ALSO peddled in racist tropes when he (2/4)
made ads with images of #Ossoff doctored to make his nose look bigger. Enough with lies, racism, scare tactics, & corruption.
#LootingLoeffler & #ChickenPerdue (who is too scared debate Jon Ossoff) FAILED #GEORGIA. They voted AGAINST #covid relief! (3/4)
#Georgia If you want senators who are ON YOUR SIDE, who will fight for access to #justice, #healthcare &jobs then please look no further than these two gentlemen.
#Biden & the Senate need them BOTH to pass #covid relief, unemployment expansion, & student debt relief. #VoteEarly
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