Thanks everyone for the prayers. Truly appreciated. Have had a very encouraging week. Lots of meetings, phone calls. Thus far have felt much unity in our decision to be back outside. Grateful for a church family that is willing to unite around this.
My thinking has not changed since I wrote my response to John MacArthur this summer. I believe the precedent throughout church history is, in the main, to obey the government unless the cessation of assemblies is permanent or arbitrary. Hence Rom. 13:1-7 applies.
This is not even that. It is not "church closing." Even if we were not meeting at all, we would not be closing. A church *service* would be temporarily suspended. But as it is, not even that is happening. We are simply meeting outside rather than inside.
Is it cold? Yes. But as one member of our relaunching team put it, if we are willing to dress up during winter to go see a football game, we should be willing to do so for worship.
There are also benefits of being outside. It forces us to remember what church really is about: it's not about production, microphones, etc. It's about the Word of God, the people of God, the Spirit of God. Each Sunday, God meets us.
There may come times for civil disobedience. I will happily walk that path, when it is right to do so. But as of now, I believe it is better to be inconvenienced, and to seek the common good.

Anyway, just sharing this update. Thanks again for praying.
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