Very important exchange with @ninaturner on her great new podcast, in which @TulsiGabbard explains why it's so imperative for Trump to pardon Edward @Snowden & Julian Assange before January, and why the worst national security goons are so against it.
A Trump pardon of Snowden & Assange would be historic on so many levels. It would cause civil liberties groups, press freedom groups & leaders from around the world to praise him. He'd be the first President willing to confront the Deep State since Eisenhower's Farewell Address.
People across the spectrum - right, left and in between - would cheer .The only people furious are those whose abusive powers they revealed: @JohnBrennan, James Clapper, @Comey, @AmbassadorRice & @GenMhayden.

And Biden/Harris would be forced to denounce it, isolating them.
Dems should start pressuring Biden for a pardon of Reality Winner (good luck with that!). But Assange will die in prison, and Snowden will spend the rest of his life in exile -- for patriotic acts exposing grave Deep State crimes -- if Trump does not use the power given to *him.*
It's hard to put into words what heroes Snowden & Assange are considered around the world. In Brazil, both Lula & Dilma have repeatedly heaped praise on them, urging a pardon. And in the US -- outside Deep State operatives & their media organs -- they're viewed the same way.
One of the most revealing Trump-era moments is when Chuck Schumer went on Maddow in 2017 & warned Trump: don't criticize or confront the CIA, or they'll try to destroy you. He was right: they did. They're who is demanding Snowden & Assange be persecuted.
"We're actually told -- intelligence sources tell NBC News..." - @Maddow, in that exchange with Schumer, revealing the motto of NBC News and its core operating principle, as I was saying earlier today:
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