Have you noticed how many of the same people who talk about "public health" in this crisis and hold each individual responsible for the potential suffering/illness of others generally hold no reservations about buying devices/using tech that support mass networks of suffering?
The crisis has a real dimension to it, sure, but it is also a mass recognition - though not an awakening - to the connected suffering caused by globalization.
We pretend to talk about "health" when we don't care about it. We pretend we care for others. We don't. Not yet.
Unlike a virus, we choose to purchase devices, use resources, and support corporations that echo out into suffering for others.
Yet here we are, saying that if people go to Thanksgiving dinner with family, they're "irresponsible."
Sorry, friend, take a look at yourself.
This moment should be a training for how we are interconnected, but focusing on it as the only example of that interconnectivity is missing the point entirely.
This - not some half-baked conspiracy theory - is how a global crisis can also be a devastating diversion.
Judgment of others - particularly how they navigate what has value and meaning to them in this frustrating moment (holidays, sex, parties, etc) - is merely as cover up for the fact that you, I, everyone, has been participating in massive, connected suffering for years.
Time to grow up and try to understand what a truly connected world looks like and means, how we've - and no, we can just lay the blame at the feet of the state or corporations - have been irresponsible for a long long time.
Until we do, the suffering will deepen.
The screen you are looking at now (and the one I'm looking at) as you read this was likely the product of great human suffering.
And you paid for it. Likely without a second thought.
Tell me again about having a few friends over because of an improbable risk?
It's not that we shouldn't care for each other now.
We should.
But interconnectivity, and recognizing it - really recognizing it - is not the same as trying to keep everyone else in line and imagining + scolding those who won't do it your way.
Let's learn from this. I'm trying.
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