I spent 3 years as a retirement home server.

What I learned will help you win people & make friends.

( I save the best for last)

// A THREAD //
1. Remember Names

"Isaiah, how do you remember my name?"

Took me a week to learn all names in each dining hall.

Then, every conversation.

Ended or started with their name.

Residents loved that.

Make people feel important; Win the heart
2. Use Compound Interest

My first month, I was da new kid on the block.

But, I made some bonds.

Each month, I made more and grew the ones I had.

Earned the award of Resident Favorite.

Play long-term games; Win long-term people
3. Always end convos on a high note

People remember what they heard last from you.

You remember what you said last to someone.

(Principle of recency)

Why does this matter?

People die & leave your life.

Be aware of this; Watch your tongue
4. Be Open

I shared a favorite author with one of my residents.

Listened to incredible stories from people four times my age.

Learned life lessons from widows.

Treat everyone as a teacher; Enjoy the gems & trust
5. Be Yourself

Cliché, I know. But it's true

People love that openness. It shows your trust.

Plus, nothing beats being loved for who you are.

No fake image to keep up.

Be True; Win Freedom & Love
6. Be Patient

I trained several kids during my time.

It's easy to get impatient, BUT...

Remember, you were there once.

Slow down & elevate people.

Take it easy; Earn respect
7. Unspoken Wants & Needs

I put to memory the fav foods, drinks, and quirks of every resident.

One man loved ice water. But it was never on his ticket.

I always delivered.

People notice those small things.

Deliver without being asked; Move the soul
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