The Mainland secret accusation system has now been brought to HK under the new National Security Law regime. A police “hot line” has just been established to foster secret, anonymous accusations by anyone who claims to suspect someone else of violating “national security”...2/n
...under open-ended definitions of what constitutes “national security”. In a political and social climate that now stresses “patriotism” and “loyalty to China”, i.e., to the Communist Party, and that warns against further promotion of “alien values”, the “hotline” is...3/n
...reportedly already very busy. I keep suggesting that everyone in China see the impressive movie about the former East German secret police, the feared Stasi, called “The Lives of Others”. I wonder whether any of Taiwan’s great filmmakers have yet made a film...4/5
...about the impact of Chiang Kaishek’s “Investigation Bureau”, which prevailed long after his 1975 demise. 5/5
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