I am fully on board with waiting to see if they can prove it in court, but when someone is all over TV claiming to have evidence of the greatest crime in American history, and no one to include the other people on her legal team have seen it, the rational response is skepticism.
What a lot of people on this site are doing instead is taking an “Ill believe it until I’m given good reason to not believe it” approach. This is totally irrational. And if conservatism is not rational anymore, we’re lost. Rationality is dead.
So the point is not that Powell is definitely lying. It’s that she’s claiming something absolutely extraordinary and extraordinary claims should ALWAYS be treated not with dismissal but thoughtful skepticism — unless and until proof is offered.
I think the analogy with UFOs is good. It would be silly to dismiss out of hand the possibility of someone seeing a UFO. But it would also be silly to just believe someone outright based solely on the claim.
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