“There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur” - never been more true than right now

1) tectonic shifts post-pandemic 🚀
2) abundance of talent available 🌏
3) massively reduced fixed costs ☁️
4) historic returns in VC = record💰 available for for foreseeable future
On (4), 2020/2021 IPO volume will deliver record distributions to LPs (this chart is pre-Q4, which is 🚀) https://twitter.com/jrichlive/status/1318964923070701570
And prior to the current IPO boom, VC/PE was already the best performing asset class for most LPs: https://twitter.com/jrichlive/status/1318967873318998016
On (3), we are seeing every company reduce its fixed costs by moving to distributed teams. For Series A and B companies, office space alone is often $1-2M/year or more. The shift to WFH is freeing up $ for new hires, R&D + GROWTH 🚀
On (2), a massive cultural shift is taking place where even the most conservative CEOs are open to hiring talent “anywhere” 🌍
And on (1) - we are still in the very early days of a boom in new ideas to go after the massive societal shifts happening post pandemic. We will see more innovation in 2021 than we saw in the entire 2000-2010 window. Going to be awesome. 🚀
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