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When this current nightmare is past us, we must not forget that it happened. I have known an America that descended into fascism before, when my entire community on the West Coast, 120,000 of us, were rounded up because leaders made people afraid. We have... /1
to work very hard to ensure history does not repeat, because it will want to. The next time a demagogue comes, with fear and racism as his weapons, we must spot the danger earlier, not grow complacent, not say “both sides are bad.” That is a road to ruin. We must... /2
recommit ourselves, right here and now, to defending our fragile democracy against the forces that rot it from within: misinformation, white supremacy, cult-like adoration of leaders, attacks on expertise and science. We must all become watchers at our posts..../3
and champions of the truth and of democratic principals. That means calling out the cowards who refuse to condemn this attack on our system, and using our greater numbers to vote them out. The next attack will be more deadly, more serious. We must be ready and strong. /end
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