21 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

@GenFlynn is Holding The Line

Allow me to start with a regret. I met General Flynn in person for lunch once, just the two of us, but I failed to request a snapshot. I can share this. He loves grilled cheese sandwiches. https://twitter.com/JennaEllisEsq/status/1329296048708349959?s=20
2) While I've discussed this many times, I hope some of you will do your homework with the following extraordinary document. Read it. If, like me, you're old school, print it out. You need this information!

3) Context matters. General Flynn is, and bar none, the greatest intelligence innovator since WWII. If you read the document, you are going to see history in the very making. General Flynn personally made information technology a weapon in the arsenal of freedom.
4) No, I'm not talking about a guidance system for a Tomahawk missile. That's purely tactical. No. General Flynn master the strategic significance of technology on the battlefield as no one else. Here's a simple example. You find a bad guy's home and take him out of a night.
5) Between his computer and the family and friends in the house, there are up to dozens more bad guys, all tied to the bad guy you just took out, all still present locally, right now. Before General Flynn's work, they'd all get away, rapidly, the moment you took out their friend.
6) What General Flynn discovered was this. If you simply upload the information about all the bad guy's contacts to a real time system, and convey all that information back to your strike team, you could get 10 bad guys where before you'd only get one.
7) The significance of General Flynn's innovations has NOT been understood by the American public. We simply feel his integrity and rally to his guidance. This is completely rightful, but the reality is simply a bit more complex.
8) We have NO warrior since WWII who has advanced the art of practice of modern warfare, strategically AND tactically, as General Flynn has. The number of movies his life's work will inspire, is not countable. He's that important.
9) In the work that I was honored to do together with General Flynn in 2016, we leveraged his military genius into his political contribution. That I was able to play a part of that was shocking to no one more than it was to me. I shall explain that, now.
10) General Flynn and I share a lifelong study of Master Sun Tzu. My own introduction to Sun Tzu was in 1987, the very year I commenced my practice as a business advisor. Allow me to describe a simplification of Master Sun's guidance.
11) In every situation of conflict, there is a set of strengths and weaknesses that will determine the outcome. Knowing your own and the enemy's strengths and weaknesses informs strategy. The ability to execute such strategies descends to tactics. Victory requires both.
12) There is a critical point that has been missed by the media, but NOT missed by the internal enemies of America. General Flynn's genius level strategic capacity, and his flawless ability to execute tactics was a critically necessary element of 2016's victory.
13) You don't need to believe me. Simply consider Obama's advice to Trump on November 10, 2016, that he shouldn't hire Flynn. Linger on that. Take Obama's words seriously. Obama NEEDED Flynn to NOT be a part of the Trump administration.
14) We don't have to guess. We know. Even if the Obama team couldn't take Trump out, yet, their consolation prize was taking Flynn out. It only took them 24 days to do so. Imagine that. Just 24 days. What was their highest priority? That HAD to take Flynn down.
15) They tried. What's more, by their means, they landed Flynn's case before the single most corrupt judge in America. The case has not yet been resolved. Yet, enter our current great hero, @SidneyPowell1.
16) By saving Flynn's case, she did so much more than just represent her client with honor, integrity, force of spirit and legal genius. She also saved America from this vast injustice. We'll discuss that more in coming work.
17) Look at the picture again.
18) Who are these people? Giuliani is the hero ready to take on all comers against America. As he took down the mafia families in New York, he is ready to take down the very Swamp and its controlling Cabal. He has the data, the evidence, and he's ready to use it.
19) I don't Jenna Ellis work, background, or legal resume, yet. I do know that she's at the very head of Trump's legal defense in this vile Election Theft case. What I don't know is their legal strategy/tactics genius. I do know Flynn's legal strategy/tactics genius.
20) It's not that Flynn has suddenly become a master of the law. He may be, but I can't express that strongly. What he is, is absolutely a master of the combat between competing forces at the ground level, and from there on up. I know this with 100% certainty.
21) Now follow me out. If there's a picture of both Giuliana and Ellis with Flynn, then we may leap to the conclusion that Flynn's tactical and strategic mastery is in play. This is no dig against Ellis or Giuliani. Rather it is praise that they've included America's greatest.
22) In our most recent conversations, General Flynn has NOT indicated the strategic or tactical momentum of the case that Trump won the election in a landslide of historic significance. It is my own interpretive cognisance that that is where he stands. We won this election.
23) But stick to the image with me. Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani are there, literally embracing General Flynn. My speculation looking at the image is this. Jenna and Rudy are both good at strategy and excellent at tactical execution. Flynn is the strategic genius.
24) In all this, as you can tell, I am profoundly comforted. Flynn will lead the way to legal victory. Of that I am now certain. I'll say it one more way. By way of Ellis and Giuliani, at least Flynn has access to POTUS again. Amen and hallelujah. This bodes well for America.
25) It bodes well for all YOUR work also. Don't buy the idiotic stupidity they want to foist on you. You are the most critical element of America's democracy. Don't just vote. Make sure yours is counted and NOT countered by an illegal vote.
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