Throughout the Trump era, mainstream liberal media outlets elevated the most deranged, neurotic and ridiculous people as “experts” to scare the shit out of everyone. Well beyond NYT putting *Louise Mensch* on its op-ed page about Russia, look at what this person is *still* doing:
This @SarahKendzior person was so blatantly a completely unhinged maniac, scaring the crap out of followers, telling them Trump was definitely going to nuke people, maybe even them. MSNBC put her on constantly. Look at the fear & sickness she spread:
And look at what media outlets even *now* are saying about her. Just look at these two tweets. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind trust the media, saying stuff like this and elevating people like her? Trump permanently broke the brains of liberal America.
Look at how they’re still terrorizing people even as they know their grift is soon going to be up. HE’LL USE NUKES FOR REAL THIS TIME ON HIS WAY OUT. Here’s my Patreon link. Watch me on Joy Reid’s show warning about this!!!!

They fucked with people’s mental health for years:
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