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We need to keep an eye on Mnuchin. With all that noise going on by the nation's Toddler-In-Chief, his crooked-to-the-core Treasury Secy Steven Mnuchin is conducting biggest heist in history of humankind.

Mnuchin Heist 2/27

This thread explains the biggest heist in human economic history. It is not the crime of the century, but the crime of the MILLENIUM.

This crime dwarfs EVERYTHING you've heard Trump do, or ANY OTHER CRIMINAL ever from Al Capone to El Chapo to Bernie Madoff
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How would you feel, if you had a tax return of $125 dollars. BUT it was NOT paid, because a corrupt accountant in your Governor's office stole ALL tax returns that year, and flew away to Russia with tax billions? You'd be livid, and DEMAND your money be paid?
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America's biggest heist was a FINANCIAL crime by Bernie Madoff (in prison on 150 year sentence). It was a ponzi scheme, worth $60 Billion, but actual money stolen was $18 Billion. Some of the funds were recovered, final cost will be around $12 Billion dollars
Mnuchin Heist 5/27

So the 'crime' or theft Bernie Madoff was conducting in 2008 was worth $18 Billion. He had 4,800 clients, so he swindled on average $3.8 million dollars from EACH client.

Let's put that into context for us. What if Madoff had been USA Treasury Secretary..
Mnuchin Heist 6/27

To understand USA's biggest theft, financial heist, in US taxpayer context - if Bernie Madoff had stolen $18 Billion from Uncle Sam instead of his investors, at 143 million taxpayers, he would have taken $125 dollars from every single taxpayer on average
Mnuchin Heist 7/27

What Steven Mnuchin is now stealing UTTERLY DWARFS that scale. What Mnuchin is doing is called 'Kleptocracy'. The world's biggest criminal thefts were all done via Kleptocracy. Of KNOWN theft by Kleptocrats 15 years ago, already topped Madoff, BEFORE inflation
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Back in 2004, worlds biggest then-known Kleptocrat Suharto of Indonesia, had stolen between $15 Billion - $35 Billion. But ranked number 2, Ferdinand Marcos stole between $5 B - $10 B BEFORE INFLATION, 2 decades prior. Corrected, is $10B - $20B for Madoff time
Mnuchin Heist 9/27

For Apples-to-Apples comparison, in 2008 dollars
Bernie Madoff SUCCEEDED in stealling $12 Billion
Suharto succeeded in stealing about $25 Billion
Marcos succeeded in stealing about $15 Billion

There are MORE (& more successful) Kleptocrats today...
Mnuchin Heist 10/27

A Kleptocrat steals FROM HIS OWN PEOPLE through embezzlement.

Does this sound to you like Donald Trump who stole from US military vets and kids in cancer hospital to fund his 2016 campaign? Of COURSE Trump is a kleptocrat.
Mnuchin Heist 11/27

The SCALE of a kleptocracy is not in the MONETARY value of funds embezzled, because of foreign currency matters, especially regarding poverty of a nation. MOST kleptocrats steal in poor countries. The SCALE is best measured as PERCENT of GDP in that country
Mnuchin Heist 12/27

Take 3 of the world's 5 biggest kleptocrats up to 2004, and the SCALE of their theft per year:

Philippines: Marcos over 21 years stole 0.5% of GDP
Zaire: Sese Seko over 32 years stole 2.7% of GDP
Nigeria: Abacha over 5 years stole 1.5% of GDP

Mnuchin Heist 13/27

The AVERAGE of Marcos, Sese Seko & Abacha kleptocracy was 2% of national GDP stolen EVERY YEAR

When we scale this to USA... US GDP is $20.4 Trillion dollars. 2% of that is $410 Billion stolen EVERY YEAR by Mnuchin for 4 years.

= $1.6 Trillion TOTAL HEIST
Mnuchin Heist 14/27

Why did I use math of Marcos of Philippines, Sese Seko of Zaire (Congo) & Abacha of Nigeria? Because of the chilling common denominator. Their FINANCIAL ADVISOR to the kleptocracy is a dude with an ostrich jacket. Yes Paul Manafort, worst American of all time
Mnuchin Heist 15/27

Paul Manafort's career was ADVISING Dictators on how to steal more

His LAST client before Trump was Putin stooge kleptocrat-Dictator wannabe, Yanukovych of Ukraine, who stole about $70 Billion dollars before ousted (lives in exile in Russia)

Next? Trump
Mnuchin Heist 16/27

Remember, Manafort's ONLY skill is Kleptocracy. He advised 3 of all time Top 5 biggest Kleptocrats in history. His LAST client 1 year before Trump, was Yanukovych, a PUTIN stooge Kleptocrat

Manafort 'worked for free' (??? WTF?) yes Manafort was PAID BY PUTIN
Mnuchin Heist 17/27

Donald Trump is career con-artist, serial fraudster who embezzled millions in one scam after another. Including bankrupting 5 casinos (through money-laundering = embezzlement)

This small time crook was now advised by Manafort, literally kleptocrat king-maker
Mnuchin Heist 18/27

So who is Mnuchin? He spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs incl last 2 years as its Chief Information Officer. What a convenient coincidence that Mnuchin left Goldman Sachs a few months before it was sued for stock manipulation crimes. The info officer would know
Mnuchin Heist 19/27

Those crimes included demanding kick-backs for fake (too good) stock evaluations, to boost share prices. Does this sound like Trump Admin & Kodak, MyPillow, Hydroxychoroquine etc?

Mnuchin used foreign tax havens (shifted money abroad) - of course - & then...
Mnuchin Heist 20/27

And then there is CRIMINAL BANKING. Mnuchin bought OneWest and ran it corruptly and like the racist bastard he is, and ended up breaking the law literally over 1,000 times, in unlawful foreclosures. This is the perfect POINT MAN for the Crime of the Millenium
Mnuchin Heist 21/27

What I cannot tell you, is what EXACTLY is the crime. What I can promise you, is when you mix Manafort, Trump & Mnuchin, and give Mnuching keys to USA TREASURY.. as their BOSS - there will be no money there. Anything Mnuchin has touched, has vanished
Mnuchin Heist 22/27

Mnuchin was one of Trump's first appointments. He's STILL THERE. Trump nearly never mentions him, rarely attacks him, and occasionally when that inevitably happens, Mnuchin has sucked it in, and praised his boss - PLAYING TRUMP.
Mnuchin Heist 23/27

If we consider Manafort's EARLY CAREER average only, 2% of GDP pilfered every year, into pockets of the Dictator of the Kleptocracy, and sent abroad - Mnuchin will have stolen $410 BILLION DOLLARS every YEAR for 4 years = 35 Bernie Madoff crimes EVERY YEAR
Mnuchin Heist 24/27

For four years at 2% of GDP ie $410 Billion dollars stolen annually by Mnuchin to the Trumpomobsters, means $1.6 Trillion dollars total value of this heist. BY FAR the biggest crime in history. 50 times bigger than Suharto or Marcos (Imelda Marcos & shoes..)
Mnuchin Heist 25/27

Understand theft from Uncle Sam. Trump & Mnuchin have stolen from THE TAXPAYERS. Anything they embezzled WILL BE PAID by the Taxpayers - in FUTURE TAXES.

Yes, Donald Trump, Steven Mnuchin & the Republicans have RAISED YOUR TAXES for DECADES to come
Mnuchin Heist 26/27

The sooner there is noise, the more there is noise, the sooner the CURRENT robbery can be stopped. The PAST theft is already done. And this is a TOTAL guess of the SCALE of the crime, a Trillion dollars but could be 2 or 3..
Mnuchin Heist 27/27

In ROUGH scale, at $1.6 Trillion dollar heist, that means a TAX INCREASE of $11,200 dollars to EVERY taxpayer on average. If spread over 10 years, Trump has caused you to pay $1,000 dollars more in federal taxes & get NOTHING for that money

Thank the GOP
PS to Mnuchin Heist thread

Note Mnuchin is PLAYING Trump. We KNOW Trump hasn't gotten his share because Trump is desperately running ridiculous cons to just pay the interest on his loans to hold onto Trump Tower etc. Mnuchin is playing a con ON TRUMP, aiming for him to be blamed
PS to Mnuchin Heist/2

So Mnuchin has 'listened meticulously' to Trump's 'brilliant' plan to steal some dozens millions - distributed across Republicans, where Trump's share is a cut, a few million per scam. These Mnuchin has 'secretly' but 'meticulously' documented to Trump
PS to Mnuchin Heist/3

Trump is an imbecile and narcissist. As long as Mnuchin says 'that is a brilliant idea, boss, lets not tell anyone' - Trump will love Mnuchin - and Trump believes he's onto something big. Meanwhile Mnuchin robs the treasury and moves that money overseas.
PS to Mnuchin Heist/4

If Trump were 'in charge' and knew the true crime Mnuchin is running, Trump would not fear losing Trump Tower to Deutsche Bank (and Trump is now selling his helicopter, just to pay the interest). Mnuchin is playing Trump..
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