As a kid, I was very intelligent. I succeeded at virtually everything; Academics, art, dancing, gymnastics, track and field, u name it!

Mathematics, quantitative reasoning, came easily.

But I never knew hw to deal with FAILURE. When I began experiencing it, it almost killed me.
When I started experiencing failure, It took a lot to overcome the psychological breakdown it came with.

It almost ruined me.

Back in University, when I got my first D in Mathematics, I lost it.
Later, I failed a course, I couldn't deal with it anymore.
I hated my course & stopped attending lectures.

At a point I dropped out, called my parents & told them I wasn't interested anymore.

That broke them!

After much convincing by my pastor, I decided to pick back up. Rewrote all my carry over courses and the least I scored was a B
That moment of restarting my mind taught me something about dealing with failure.

I'm still not great at dealing with failure but I'm waaaaaaay better.

Got out of school. Didn't even use my certificate anymore. I went online to study a new career path and that's what I do now.
I have excelled greatly at things. It always starts with a nervous or psychological breakdown but when I remember how I bounced back during my extra year at school, I get the courage to push harder!

I've come up with business ideas that didn't work, I have almost lost a job...
I have experienced a bad relationship, I have been broke, I have done music and was very very good at it but I didn't blow, I have failed at several areas but I didn't remain there.

Don't beat yourself too hard for failing. Failing is normal. Just don't stay a failure.
This is a message to those who feel they are not great or good at anything anymore but most especially, me. I know I will fail at something again but I will bounce back better.
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