porn addiction in women, a thread.

last night i tweeted that women struggle with porn addictions. people claimed that i was “lying” or “being overdramatic.”

with that being said, i struggled with a porn addiction from fourth grade up until my junior year of high school.
i’ve only just started to speak out about it, as i was incredibly ashamed and felt alone. before i started talking about it, i felt as though no one could understand what i went through. “only men struggle with porn” was a phrase i heard often & because of that, i felt silenced.
i couldn’t even tell my priest, because i was worried he wouldn’t believe me. i felt so alone, until i started to open up about my addiction. i started talking to other women who went through what i went though, and they told me how they felt just as alone as i did.
i finally realized that i wasn’t alone— there were so many other women who struggled with a porn addiction in silence.

the idea that only men watch porn is so wrong, & silences the voices of women who are addicted. this is why you rarely hear women talk about their addiction.
lastly, to all my ladies who struggle with a porn addiction, please know you are not alone. do not be afraid to get help to quit— i was able to quit by having an accountability partner who kept me in check. you can do this, i love you. G
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