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Connections to Smartmatic, Global financial incentives, and election fraud in the Philippines - Considering the implications on the 2020 US Presidential election. THREAD
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PROPLE, Inc. is a business solutions provider with expertise and in-depth experience in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Tax Services, Human Resources/Payroll, and Data Management Services. 
Its client portfolio includes multinational and established clients based in the Asia Pacific Region, Canada and the United States. Prople provides value adding, cost efficient solutions and services enabling its clients to achieve its business goals for more than a decade now.
Prople provides 'value-driven services' along four main business areas:

1. Finance & Accounting Services
Custom fit finance and accounting functions in the area of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Strategic Finance, among others
2. Tax Services
Personal Financial Statements, Tax Returns Preparation, Financial Consulting.

Prople Inc. has been working hand-in-hand w/ K&A Global Management Co. with offices in Kansas and California. 
3. Human Resources Services
Payroll and Timekeeping, Benefits Management, Statutory Compliance, HR Information Systems, Employee Records Administration, HR Reporting and Analysis.
4. Data Management Services
Data Capture, Conversion, Clean-up, Organization, Standardization, Data Mining and Analysis.

Ah! Cleanup, you say? Data-mining?
Case Study 1: Multi-Process Finance & Accounting; The Client: A Global Direct Selling Company
Case Study 2: Channels Management; The Client: A Global IT Company
Case Study 3: Payroll Process; The Client: A Leading Supermarket Chain {owned by a Global Industry Leader}
Notice a prevailing theme? What was the operative word found in the case studies above?
Why is outsourcing such an important facet of a globalist agenda to dominate an otherwise free marketplace?

How do global Supply Chains impact the sovereignty of national markets and GDP?

How are the world banks an enemy of "We, The People"?
Alfonso "Tito" Yuchengco
Prople Inc Testech Group

The youngest of the six from the first marriage of the late tycoon, Alfonso Yuchengco is carving his own path in the fields of semiconductors and finance. His wife Marit Meland and he have four sons.
A little background on Tito's Father:

Back home after a stint as envoy to Tokyo, banker Yuchengco is building a Philippine financial supermarket

By Antonio Lopez, Manila
LAWYER LEONARDO SIGUION REYNA HAS A TELLING ANECDOTE ABOUT how Alfonso Yuchengco does business. In the early 1970s, hotshot investment bank Bancom Development Corp. wanted to merge Yuchengco's Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
(RCBC) with Far East Bank to create the Philippines' largest domestic lender. Bancom's Sixto Roxas teamed up with Augusto Barcelon in a buyout bid.
"Yuchengco made it appear that he did not have the money [to purchase the two men's RCBC shares]," recalls Siguion Reyna, who is an RCBC director. "So Roxas and Barcelon quoted their price - $7 million. They never knew what hit them when Yuchengco called their bluff."
The tycoon had secretly lined up funding from long-standing banking associates in the U.S.

Hmm, Interdasting...
RCBC says it has only $165 million in foreign borrowings - 1% of the banking system's foreign loans of $16 billion. The money was lent to clients with a natural hedge, such as exporters.
"We were able to lessen our exposure to loan defaults," says RCBC vice chairman Alfonso "Tito" Yuchengco III, the youngest of the founder's eight children. AY III, or Tito is Founder and CEO of Prople Inc
At 26, AY I started Malayan Insurance w/ 250k pesos from his father Enrique, an ethnic Chinese property developer. It is now the largest non-life insurance operation in the Philippines. Great Pacific Life (Grepalife), the country's 6th-largest life insurer, was set up 5 yrs later
Two family members have top jobs: Tito Yuchengco, 39 [now 59], the heir-apparent, and youngest daughter Yvonne, 43, who is chief executive officer of the Malayan Insurance group. {article published in 2000}
Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. (MICO) in July of 2019 announced the appointment of Yvonne Yuchengco as the new vice chairman of the board of directors, with Paolo Abaya taking over her position as the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO).
Expect more acquisitions. "I see a lot of integration, the buyout of small firms by the big ones, and more joint ventures with multinationals," says Yvonne Yuchengco.
You will need [foreign] professional management and technology to survive in a global situation." Malayan Insurance is seeking what she calls "strategic alliances." For its part, RCBC wants to tie up with a European specialist in wholesale banking and project finance.
It already has relationships w/ Japan's Sanwa Bank, which owns 25% of RCBC, and Bank of America, which has 39% of Yuchengco subsidiary BA Savings Bank.
However, House of Investments [subsidiary of the RCBC] is buying Bank of America's stake. The move is touted as part of the plan to build an integrated financial services group.
House of Investments is an investment bank focused on buying controlling stake in large businesses:
dealerships, EEI Corporation, iPeople, inc., the Malayan Education System, Inc., Mapúa University, The APEC Schools, and National Teachers College.
HI wholly owns Landev Corporation, which is primarily engaged in property, facilities, and project management for the YGC and provides comprehensive security services to leading installations through its subsidiary, Greyhounds Security and Investigation Agency Corp.
HI portfolio investments are in: HI-Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a joint venture w/ Eisai Company of Japan; Petro-Energy Resources Corporation; Manila Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc. La Funeraria-Paz-Sucat, Inc.;& RCBC Realty Corp., which owns the RCBC Plaza 
"In Indonesia, our partner was Bank Bali; in Malaysia and Singapore, Zurich Insurance; in Hong Kong, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking [HSBC]," recounts Yuchengco. "We had branches in Taiwan, London, the U.S., Australia and Papua New Guinea." Also... in China
RCBC owns 15% each of Honda Cars Philippines and Isuzu Philippines, helping the Yuchengco group's motor-insurance and car-loan businesses. House of Investments has a stake in Manila Memorial Park Cemetery Inc., a plus for the life-insurance lines.
Yuchengco Senior [Old guy in the middle of the photo] favored only amending the laws to permit banks and insurers to sell each other's products. Cross-ownership, he worries, "will encourage other groups to come in." Besides, some of his foreign partners are lukewarm.
Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance, for one, prefers to remain independent of RCBC. Yuchengco's venture with Japan's largest non-life insurer, Tokio Marine Malayan Insurance, services Japanese companies in the Philippines.
The first alliance was with Tokio Marine. One of Tokio's top officials served in the Japanese army that occupied the Philippines during World War II. "We became good friends," says Yuchengco [AY I}.
W/ over 20 Global partnerships, as of 2000, Zurich Insurance has retained its 30% share in Malayan Insurance (the relationship dates back to 1955). Japan's Nippon Life [NL] has a 50% stake in NL of the Philippines.  [HSBC-like logo]
Singapore's Government Investment Corp. (GIC) has 40% of the $341M RCBC Plaza in the Makati business district, which will be completed in 2000. "In late February, we suggested to the GIC people that maybe we should delay the project [due to property slump]," says Yuchengco.
The latest venture is KG Investment Holdings, a partnership with Taiwan's Koo family, owner of the island's 10th-largest financial institution, Chinatrust Commercial Bank. BOOM.
"W/ this tie-up, RCBC seeks to acquire derivatives technology and gain access to project finance and direct investment opportunities," says Tito Yuchengco, who is unmarried [as of 2000, since married]. (his father: "That's one of Cesar Virata's missions - to get my son a wife.")
'There are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences.' Nice sash, bro! :TOP-KEK:
"If we can offer other products, we will constantly improve our sources of long-term money," Virata says. Some of the funds can be funneled to House of Investments, which is heavily into infrastructure projects. Key subsidiary Engineering Equipment Inc.
(EEI) is helping build or upgrade 40% of the country's power plants and 80% of its cement facilities. It is also involved in the rehabilitation and expansion projects of three oil companies. 

Oil companies? how interesting!
As of April [2020], EEI had a project backlog valued at $247.5 million. In addition, it has won contracts to build gas plants in Qatar and Dubai worth $236 million.
EEI, Inc. net income is valued at 1.16B in 2020.
His ambassadorial stints to China (1986-88) and Japan (1995-98) are another form of SROI. President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, asked AY to stay on as envoy to Tokyo, Yuchengco declined.He envisions an advisory role even as Tito prepares to take over [2020]
PROPLE is a outsourced and off-shore Philippine-based business solutions provider with current expertise and specific industry process experience in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Human Resources/Payroll, IT and Data Management Services.
Prople companies'​ international offices are located in the Philippines, USA, and India. They operate as Prople Inc. out of the Philippines, K&A Global Management Company in California and in the states of Kansas and Missouri.
K&A Global Management Company(KAGM) is associated w/ Fanska CPA, LLC, a national independent CPA firm. The two companies are separate and independent legal entities that work together to serve clients'​ business needs.  [aquired]  [a]
It appears as though K&A Global Management was acquired by Prople, Inc. and Fanska CPA was acquired by Avitus Group  >  [url redirect]
KAGM and its accounting, tax and advisory companies were NOT licensed CPA firms. KAGM and Fanska CPA, LLC both offered tax, consulting and advisory, and non-attest accounting services.

What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors.
Although BPO originally applied solely to manufacturing entities, such as soft drink manufacturers that outsourced large segments of their supply chains, BPO now applies to the outsourcing of services, as well [such as in HR and IT]. Enter Smartmatic election fraud history.
Smartmatic Election Fraud History in the Phillipines

Manila, The Philippines – 17 September, 2018 - The Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has exercised its option to purchase a total of 97,350 Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) from Smartmatic.
The technology was used in the 2019 midterm national and local elections.
“Since the first automated national election in 2010 the Philippines has been spearheading election modernization in the region.” said Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic.
We are proud to be part of this transformation. We are committed to continue strengthening our relationship with the Philippines to facilitate more efficient and transparent elections,” Antonio added.
Aside from the voting machines, Smartmatic delivered 93,826 headphones; 93,826 modems; and hardware for the Election Management System that supports the operations of the entire automated platform.
The delivery of the hardware was finished earlier this year while the software will be delivered by the end of the year. (As of the date of the Smartmatic press release, in 2018.)
In 2008, Smartmatic began providing election technology to the Philippines. Since, it has provided election technology and services in three national elections to some 55 million voters registering 3.1 billion votes
Election automation has had a 'positive impact' in the Philippines. After the last national election, held in 2016, Pulse Asia conducted a survey to gauge the opinion of Filipino voters. (So says the Press Release..)
The overwhelming majority of Filipinos gave a positive verdict on the elections and the technology. 89% of respondents would like to see automated voting in future elections. (Smartmatic PR)

Again, it seems the people of the Philippines do not agree.
Want moar Evidence?

Poll watchdog opposes Comelec-Smartmatic deal
JAN 7, 2015, 8:39 PM PHT

Why would Poll watchers oppose the Commission on Elections (Comelec) choice to implement Smartmatic technology?
Poll watchdog calls 2013 elections a 'technology and political disaster

Published May 18, 2013 6:24pm
By Rouchelle R. Dinglasan, GMA News
In 2013, The Comelec poll watchdogs cited the “highly-suspicious intervention” of Smartmatic technicians in fixing the program of the transparency server, which led to the deletion of some election returns files.
Poll watchdog thumbs down PCOS machines for 2013 elections
Published March 7, 2012 2:09am
Automated Election System Watch (AES Watch) even reiterated in a letter sent to the Comelec an earlier finding that the machines' supplier should be penalized for the failure of its product "to live up to expectations."
We urge you to take heed recommendations issued by the Comelec Advisory Council (CAC) against the purchase of the Smartmatic PCOS machines," AES Watch said.
Comelec confirms: Smartmatic changed server script, but only to fix ñ error (Sure, right..)

Published May 12, 2016 4:23pm
Updated May 12, 2016 8:25pm
Comelec chief Andres Bautista and senior commissioner Christian Robert Lim faced the media to issue an explanation on the issue, along with Elie Moreno, project director for technology provider Smartmatic.
"The correction involves a mere cosmetic change," Bautista said. "It does not, in any way, change the results, the counting and the canvassing of the results and the source code of the automated election system."
Marcos’ campaign adviser ABAKADA party-list Rep Jonathan Dela Cruz told reporters in a chance interview,

“They (Comelec) are making light of it [Ang sinasabi parang pinalitan lang daw yung ñ] This is not cosmetic change. This is something that needs to be looked into seriously.”
Dela Cruz further said that the change of the script in the transparency server was also in violation of Republic Act 8436 or the Automated Elections Law..."Under Article 28, Section 29 of RA 8436 any such tampering is prohibited.
"And this was done already in the middle of transmission of election returns. This is prohibited by law," Dela Cruz said.
Article 28 Section 29 of RA 8436 prohibits “utilizing w/o authorization, tampering w/, damaging, destroying or stealing [of] official ballots, election returns and certificate of canvass of votes,...
Article 28 Section 29 of RA 8436 prohibits "...electronic devices or components, peripherals or supplies used in the automated elections such as counting machines, memory pack, memory pack receiver and computer set.”
Ombudsman asked to probe Comelec-Smartmatic PCOS repair deal

Published April 1, 2015 7:48pm
In his “request for assistance” affidavit, lawyer Melchor Magamo said the P268.8-million deal to extend the warranty of some 82,000 Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines inked by the Comelec and Smartmatic could be illegal and unjust.
The nature of the warranty itself raised his suspicion. Uncharacteristically advantageous provisions presented a significant potential for corruption and underlying financial incentives. It must be made free of charge, and must not have negative repercussions for the insured.
In his affidavit signed along with other members of the Citizens of Clean and Credible Elections, Magamo also highlighted other supposed irregularities in the Comelec-Smartmatic deal.
“Smartmatic made proposals to 'refurbish' the PCOS. Other companies with much better reputations can easily refurbish the PCOS at much lower prices but Smartmatic insists that the warranty extensions prohibit the Comelec from engaging others,” the affidavit said.
Smartmatic was also able to avoid competitive bidding and monopolize poll automation, according to Magamo and his co-petitioners.
In their affidavit and request for investigation, Magamo reminded the Ombudsman that as the original owners of the vote-counting machines, the Comelec should not be tied to a warranty agreement that is not beneficial to the government.
“Smartmatic is merely a past reseller with a present warranty obligation to repair or replace any equipment found to contain manufacturing defects,” they said.
Last week, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order on the diagnostics, repair and refurbishment of the 82,000 PCOS machines, as formalized in the contract between the Comelec and the Smartmatic-Total Information Management (TIM) Corporation.
The SC has temporarily put a stop on the Comelec-Smartmatic repair deal following a petition alleging that the contract is in violation of Republic Act 9184 or the government procurement act.
Earlier, a petition was filed with the SC seeking to declare as null and void both Comelec Resolution No. 9922 and the signed contract between the poll body and Smartmatic. —KBK, GMA News
Supreme Court asked to stop Smartmatic deal

by, Edu Punay, Sheila Crisostomo (The Philippine Star ) - January 29, 2015 - 12:00am
Smartmatic-Total Information Management (TIM) consortium was accused of misrepresenting info when the contract signed by Smartmatic International Holdings, B.V. a subsidiary of the latter, Smartmatic Deployment Corp., and claiming Jarltech International Corp. was its subsidiary.
Petitioners said the firm violated its contract with Comelec when it failed to disclose that its supposed subsidiary, Jarltech, transferred the production of the precinct count optical (PCOS) machines from Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co. to Quisda Corp.
It's all connected...

On Nov 7, 2018, Data Image and Qisda have reached an agreement to establish a strategic alliance. " Qisda is looking for an outstanding enterprise partner to build a joint fleet and to expand the high-value market in the blue ocean. 
Here's where it gets interdasting...

Alliance Partners
Jarltech works w/ key industry leaders to ensures storages are 'optimized' w/ partner solutions and deliver rapid deployment, high performance, easy management and maximum return on investment (ROI).
Notice any common players amid Quisda/Qisda and Jarltech International, Inc.? 
Last side-notable then back the SC Smartmatic article:

Looks like Kenmac Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. took a Big earnings hit in 2016, a Spike in 2019 and another HUGE hit in 2020. Related?
“Smartmatic-TIM failed to comply w/ the provisions of its automation contract w/ Comelec misrepresented that it can provide the Comelec w/ a customized system, upgrades to and replacement of systems because it was not the owner of the PCOS technology,” read the petition.
“Smartmatic was a mere licensee which needed the assistance of Dominion.”
Smartmatic-TIM has asked the Comelec BAC to disqualify its rival, Indra Sistemas S.A. from the bidding for the 2016 presidential polls.
On the Technical Working Group's (TWG) recommendation, the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) had unanimously declared Indra as eligible during the first stage of the bidding and Smartmatic was found qualified through 3-2 voting.
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