In almost every ritual of ours, Shastras already have accounted for lack of time, resources and interest and have allowed variations. Every single ritual has a uttama, madhyama and sadharana kalpa.
From performing shrAddhas on 96 days of the year to performing just a sankalpa or a chutuka shrAddha, depending upon one's level of involvement, there is leeway to perform it.
From performing 1000 gayatris during every sandhya to performing 100 to just 10, there is leeway provided.
From performing a full fledged pooja with all sixteen main upacharas and numerous secondary upacharas, one can perform simple pooja with just purusha sukta or even just offering of water as every upachara.
Those who can afford and have interest can perform yajnas. Those who cannot do so can worship through poojas. Those who cannot do anything else can do just japa.
Those who can afford must feed thousands of people. Those who cannot choose to feed at least a few cows. The poorest can feed leftovers to some animals and say Krishnarpana.
Those who can do so must undertake tirthayatra of the entire khanda. Those who cannot do so must visit at least the four kshetras. The poorest (wealth-wise, health-wise) can do pradakshina of the deity in the temple.
Our Sanatana Dharma already acknowledges difference in age, health, wealth, interest and ability and has provided variation in rituals. Those driving reforms recklessly are rooted in ignorance.
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