Is there a single movie which has every actually shown the wholesale genocide of Hindus at the hands of Islamic invaders? Sure, sometimes even our Bollywood movies reluctantly show the Muslim attacker as a villain, but they never show the mountains of Kaffir skulls built by Turks
or thousands of Hindu women and children being impaled by Ghazis. And this is not even mentioning iconoclasm of tens of thousands of Hindu deities' idols, rampant sex slave trade of captured women and girls, and the wholesale destruction of Hindu architecture in the North. How do
expect the masses to understand the real brutal reality of what happened under Islamic Jihadist rule. Let's be honest, most Hindus don't even read books on their own, and quick bites published in short facebook or twitter posts will be quickly forgotten. What is needed is honest
, graphic and detailed depiction of Islamic violence on Hindus through the visual medium.
*ever actually
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