What is Sidney Powell's "Kraken?"

Here's my theory. 👇
Election fraud has been around for decades.
It's well-known to insiders.
It's denied by the media.
It's hdden from the public.
The corrupt establishment that relies on election fraud didn't anticipate Donald Trump.
Somehow, patriots neutralized election rigging in 2016 giving Trump a shot at winning.
And win, he did.
Four years later, another rigged election came into view.

Nationwide election fraud can't be done without the knowledge of tens of thousands of people.

This time, many of the people who witnessed election fraud had become loyal to Trump.
When word went out that Trump's legal team was looking for witnesses to election fraud, thousands of people responded.

That's why Sidney Powell says they're being flooded with more evidence everyday.
Those who doubt she has the evidence, don't understand how many people I have first-hand knowledge of election fraud.
This time, because they believe in Trump the witnesses were willing to risk their lives, their jobs, and the safety of their families to expose fraud all in the hope of removing it once and for all.
I may be wrong, but I suspect that when Sidney Powell says she's going to "release the Kraken," she's referring to an avalanche of first-hand, eyewitness testimony from hundreds of patriots around the country--evidence that cannot be disputed by anyone.
In the coming weeks, these patriots are going to come forward and share what they know about election fraud.
The corrupt media will try to destroy them.
Some will lose their jobs.
As a community, it's vitally important for us to support them, financially.
Thanks in advance. 🇺🇸
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