I am not obliged to give you 4 years of peace after you gave me 4 years of war just because you’re hopeful my standards will be higher than yours.

My plan for the next four years is to make Leftists miserable. Anything else is a benefit.

This is how it is now. Your choice.
I figured out what my new political party is going to be. I’ve been struggling with how to play offense against the Leftists while trying to keep the government small. I now know what I am.

I am simply an anti-communist. That’s what defines me. Anything that hurts them, I’m for.
Donald Trump should already have issued an order to the FBI to wiretap Joe Biden and his campaign. The Republicans should have already announced their plans to impeach Joe Biden. Biden’s first SCOTUS nominee, man or woman, should be accused of gang rape.

This is how it is now.
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