Having reflected on all this, I have a couple more observations I want to make. https://twitter.com/PeteApps/status/1329800554177044480
1. I would challenge anyone who believes in the sanctity of deregulated free markets to read this and tell me how their position can stand. The behaviour described points to a problem so much wider than building safety.
If we want to solve almost any of the problems which face us - starting most obviously with the looming climate disaster we all face - we have to get much, much better at policing the actions of big businesses. It's completely fundamental. It is the problem.
2. I was fairly dismissive of Jon Roper's honesty earlier in the week. I've now reflected. While it doesn't minimises what he did, the kind of bravery needed to stand up and admit fault like that is not just absent from most witnesses, but, frankly, the whole of public life
It makes a difference to have told the truth and not to have gaslighted the victims to save your own skin. That is not worth nothing and he didn't have to do it. The same goes for Jamie Hayes.
3. At the end of a week where it would be easy to conclude that everyone is soulless and corrupt and there is very little hope, I continue to be inspired by the campaigning work of @GrenfellUnited and @EOCS_Official. Keep fighting the good fight.
Anyway, usually try to limit myself from offering sweeping opinions like this, but reading and watching all this it sort of feels, if not now then when.
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