1. I’ve had a difficult time getting to this thread. Not sure why. I’ve had it for a while & it needs to be up. Not sure the extent others know these details.
I doubt it will be complete b/c I believe there is more to uncover. A series of events, coinkidinks & Qlue’s.

👉🏻 Pickle
2. Follow the Wives. Pickle. Think Pickle Factory. (Farm) (Salt🧂 Vinegar)

C!A “President’s Intelligence Check List, or PICL (pronounced “pickle”), was developed for Kennedy in June 1961.”
3. PICL Developed for Kennedy in June 1961, you don’t say?! 🧐💭🤨 Timberwolf.
👉🏻 GHWB November 22nd, 1963 👉🏻 Sudden Amnesia

Pickle... Follow the Wives...
4. GHWB 👉🏻 GWB 👉🏻 Pickle 👉🏻 Follow The Wives.
And here is “Pickle”. Literally. For years. That’s her nickname.
Know what else her nickname is? 👉🏻 Mimi Maxwell 🤔💭😳

WHY?! There is no “Maxwell” in her lineage, at least not ‘showing’. Invented by Jenna & Barb! MM 👉🏻 1313...
5. See @LovesTheLight & I have been following a trail of “MM’s” & a “Hint”, making those nicknames both significant & notable... Besides the fact that we know of a very nefarious “Maxwell” family!
Why Maxwell?! https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1300514525171585024
6. @LovesTheLight is my 2nd brain🧠! I love her so!
Incredibly significant and notable! She finds the Qlue that I did not see 👀!
Maxwell less the “Ghislaine” in front of it! Remember what I showed above. Mimi Maxwell. It makes that connect even stronger.
7. L. B. & the funny way I found out she was nicknamed “Pickles.” 👉🏻“...blank stoned Joker 🃏 smile stare...” 😳
(Lots of Joker comms)
Born Nov 4th. Laura Lane Welch Bush. (We will address her lineage shortly.
👉🏻 Born MIDLAND, TEXAS 🧐💭😳
Midland?! Where have we heard that?!...
8. Follow Midland Texas 👉🏻Midland Modeling 👉🏻Red Door 🚪(more in a sec) MM (recall MM Hint 1313) 👉🏻 Marfa (called Ped0 town by [them])👉🏻Cibolo Creek (location Scalia) CC = 33 &/or “Child Crimes.”
Rachel Chandler 👉🏻 Child Handler (Too much to post here, thread lost in twitspace) https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1282325655271747586
9. Not dropping ton on midland model. that is suspected of brokering people, or about chandler right now.
But a little on Red Door. Per an MK Deprogrammer, it’s entering into subconscious & accessing doors. (Think @ Alice in Wonderland🚪🚪It’s also a DANGEROUS TikToc challenge https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1329830694047117312
10. Remember to research as well & pray to the Father for guidance as you do.
11. Note:
📍Just happened to be all 2gether 911
📍Suported Roe vs Wade & “I think it’s important that [abortion] remain legal.”
📍117th Spring Outing (I follow that #)
📍Monarch butterfly decline 🦋
📍Council of Patrons - product of Gates Foundation & Open Society.
More see pics
12. Let’s recall genealogy & familial relations now.
If you haven’t heard, Barbara is suspected of being Satanist Aleister Crowley’s bloodline. GHWB 👉🏻 Scherff.
Anything else on her? ...
13. Barbara loathed President Trump. Up until death kept a “Red white & blue digital clock displaying how many days, hours, minutes, & seconds remained in President Trump’s term.” 🤨 Not normal behavior for a “republican” UNLESS @realDonaldTrump knew something the world did not!
14. And then this is totally normal 😳🤨 NOT!
Barbara Bush kept her miscarried fetus in a jar.🏺”She says to her teenage son, Here’s a fetus,” recounts George.
15. I’m not going to go into the Yale, 322 Skull & Bones details of Bush (among many others), but I’ll add 1 link to some details as some are referencing it in comments. https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1199819698617159681
16. Oops I forgot to add this bit on Midland, Texas.
📍2nd Fastest growing small city in U.S.
📍There were 3 notable “BOOMS” in town 🤔💭
📍Reminds me of the other place we see BOOMS. (There are others)
📍Energy symbolism & Petroleum ⛽️
17. In yet another stunning total coincidence Midland, Texas logo is almost identical to Genie Energy.
Just look at those names on Genie advisory board... (I know I’ve researched them (not available now) & other an0ns have. Huge connects. What’s on wiki only scratches the surface
18. Ok back to Pickle’s lineage.
Mom Jenna was from Little Rock Arkansas. What a coinkidink, so were the Clinton’s. 🤔💭
The College of Mines.🧐 Interesting!
I think it’s referring to El Paso.
Passed May 10, 2019...
19. Well that is interesting 🤔💭 I found that Jenna Louise Hawkins Welch died in 1981?
Well 1 of them has it wrong. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Take note! 📝
20. More on Jenna Louise Hawkins Welch, born 👉🏻1919.
For now I’m going to assume May 10th 2019 obit. is correct.
📝 Take note of the “HH” in lineage = 88.
21. Father of Pickles: Master Gunner in the 5-By-5. 🤔💭
Part of the division that liberated 1 of the Naz! concentration camps.
22. Little bit more on the lineage.
👉🏻 6th cousin to “no name”
👉🏻 Lineage to Thomas Jefferson (via marriage of Field Jefferson to Mary Hunt, but reported no children).
23. Now remember above I said watch the HH? 88.
Jenna (daughter) hubs name is = HH
📝 Note 3rd Child = HH, (technically it’s HHH)
(Mila & Poppy)
24. We know that Jenna was specifically involved “somehow” in her Father’s (GWB) real estate dealings in Paraguay on an Aquifer, in which she “traveled with the UN children’s agency UNICEF” to do it. Grade A “Blue Gold”. Chaco. https://twitter.com/AnjillofLight_/status/1249182166325567488
25. And you thought I was done? 😏 Almost... ready for the 💥?
26. Laura Bush, aka Pickles as even known in High School; had an accident.
👉🏻17 yrs old
👉🏻”Boyfriend” 17 also
📍Crash November 5th, 1963
📍Different cars. Dangerous intersection 👉🏻 SPEED.
📍Mike Douglas died thrown from his open Jeep.

Are you paying attention to the numbers?! 😏
17 yrs old
17 yrs old
3 people involv.
Crash Nov. 5th, 1963 🤔💭
#JFK was a$$a$$!nated Nov. 22nd 1963 👉🏻IN TEXAS.

👉🏻What do you think the odds would be that November 5th 1963 to November 22nd, 1963 is PRECISELY 17 DAYS?!💥

What kind of voodoo was going on here!
28. Now! Review the wiki page. WRONG. It mentions the accident but the date is WRONG! Why?
👉🏻 Because that would mean that Pickles & GWB were MARRIED ON THE ANNIVERSARY DATE OF THAT ACCIDENT. 😳
Nov 5th, 1977, 14 years later.
Who does that?
29. Might bring new meaning to these snapshots from the funeral & passed papers now doesn’t it?! (Sorry I had the video, but videos keep disappearing)

The look 👀 she gives to President Trump. Pickles.

What does he really know?!!
30. That’s all for now. I know there will be more & other ‘things’ I am looking into, but for now hold the line. 👍🏻
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