I noticed something strange on Twitter this morning, so I started poking around. Here’s what I found.
It started with this tweet from the president, thanking his older sister for publicly supporting him.
So I clicked the link to the website run by conservative commentator Wayne Dupree to read the purported statement from Elizabeth. The article had this odd disclaimer at the top.
And then lower down, the article cites this tweet from an unverified account.
Did the president’s 78-year-old sister join Twitter this month?
The account tweets incessantly about cable news and disloyal Republicans
I’ve asked a spokesman for the Trump Organization whether this is actually the president’s sister.

But it appears that the president’s original tweet — thanking his sister for her support — was responding to a fake account that got picked up in the right-wing echo chamber.
Here’s the answer — it’s not really the president’s sister
So now we know that right-wing media circulated an unverified account purporting to be the president’s sister, and then the president himself shared the coverage rather than confirm that it was, in fact, his sister behind the tweets.
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