Anyone need a fully furnished apartment to live in for a year at least? Ideally a family with kids who really need shelter, or students in limbo due to lockdowns. DM me if you need this. Please RT so that someone who needs this will see it.
Anyway this is not a joke. My Airbnb has been empty for a year. All bills and maintenance fee being paid every month. Got 500Mbps Time Broadband and Astro ready. I just want someone to live there and take care of the place. That’s all.
Oh the location is in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras btw. 10 mins walk from Salak Selatan LRT station.
I said I wanna give house for free but so many ppl DM-ing me to rent the place now. Previously when I wanted to rent out after MCO, haram satu DM pun tak masuk! Apelah korang ni 😅
Hi guys I have 3 people selected in waiting list now. Hopefully gave choose one soon. Thanks you all for RT-ing 🙏🏽
I have found the right person to live in this house. A single mother who needs a safe space to raise her 3 daughters. I hope this will make her life easier. Thank you guys for all your RTs. You helped someone to get a good home to live in. Thank you 🙏🏽
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