2/ The affidavit is from Russell Ramsland who we’re told is an expert on cyber security. He’s attacking Dominion software.

Further I direct you to graph 17 of the affidavit which allegedly details suspicious activity in Wayne County, Michigan:
3/ So what happens if you search for Spruce Grove Township, as mentioned above?
4/ what about Atlanta Township?
5/ hmmm. Okay what about Runeberg Township?
6/ Same result with Detroit Lakes.

These are not townships in Michigan.

These are townships in Minnesota.

Though yes both states start with the letter M.
7/ This rank incompetence is not a surprise to anyone familiar with these lawsuits. It’s why the Trump team has been losing case after case — cases have little to nothing to do with real evidence. The gang that couldn’t sue straight. https://twitter.com/cnnsotu/status/1327993975408648192
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