TW Sexual coercion

I consented to sexual acts at the time by my partner who guilted me and coerced me into it. It's can be a grey area but I was still violated. You don't get to tell people that having nudes leaked isn't part of rape culture when it's a violation.
I have taken loads of nudes and I am still not sure if my ex-partner has deleted them. I'd like to think he has but if he was to share them, it'd still be a violation of my trust. I sent them willingly at the time but that doesn't mean he has the right to share them.
Sending a nude doesn't mean you deserve to have it shared without your consent. It's an extremely unemphathetic and simplistic view to take. Nobody deserves to have intimate photos of them shared with people who they didn't consent to see them.
Just to be clear I only saw the above tweet today. It's obviously not referencing what happened this week which was what I intitally thought so that's on me and I apologise for that. That being said I do feel that the original tweet is worth challenging as a whole.
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