So here’s where we’re at and how we got here!

A short thread.........

For 20+ years, the global elite have wanted a surveillance society whereby we would all be tracked and monitored. In the UK, Blair tried to force ID cards in the early 2000s.......


The original Blair plan was dropped as the internet, smartphones etc. became more prevalent and the opportunity to go much further than they previously imagined became more apparent..........

The 2009 Swine flu presented them with an opportunity, but the virus was relatively harmless and the attempt to weaponise it was exposed in a Channel 4 documentary.

Subsequently, numerous globalists are on record a saying “We just have to wait for the right crisis”........

At Davos 2016, the plan for ‘Digital IDs’ was instigated.

In the UK, in 2017, I believe that Theresa May signed up with a company called (something like) AVS Technologies for the ‘Health Passport’ that the WEF are currently continually promoting.......

During 2017 and 2018, the World Bank financed the worldwide purchases of ‘Covid-19 Test Kits’ and Dr Drosten subsequently developed the current PCR test in order to create the perfect conditions to perpetuate a crisis when running the test at high Cycle Thresholds......

So the scene was set. All that was then needed was ‘the right crisis’.

The rest should now become obvious.......

In 2019/20, along came SARS-CoV-2.

Was this a genuine virus? Yes.

Was this natural or man-made? Time will no doubt tell.

Did it kill many people? Yes.

Was it worse than flu? No.

Was it, largely, over (in the UK) in June? Yes.......

Are the PCR tests being used to perpetuate the fear and create a ‘casedemic’? Yes.

Are the PCR tests fatally-flawed, producing ~90% false positives when run at Ct 45? Yes.

Are masks being used to perpetuate the fear? Yes.

Do we actually *need* a vaccine? No......

Are the lockdowns and restrictions there to cause fear and frustration such that we accept almost anything to escape them? Yes.

Is the plan to enforce ‘Health Passports’ (surveillance tool) predicated on the (unnecessary) requirement to take the vaccine? Yes......

Is SARS-CoV-2 a viral issue and totally unrelated to ‘COVID-19’ which is the politicisation of a health crisis? Yes.

Is ‘COVID’ an acronym for ‘Certificate of Vaccination ID’? Seems plausible based upon the evidence.

Should we accept this? Definitely not!......

Is this just the tip of the corruption iceberg? Yes.

Is the American election fiasco related? Yes.

Do you think I’m a ‘tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist’? Frankly - I don’t care!

But if you’re not asking some serious questions right now, you really should be!
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